January 16th, 2020 – Jet Set

First a confession. I have held most metal progressive bands in contempt for a good portion of my life. That having been said my former band mates may be shocked to hear me say this…I actually like this band. I should say, I prefer them more now than I did back in the day.

This song however is from a time when I was not so keen on the band- so go figure. I think this song, a product of the 80’s even though it’s official release was 1991, reached me because I felt it was a more straight forward piece from a band who created more complex music than I was able to enjoy.

Queensrÿche – “Jet City Woman”

Jet City Woman” is a single from Queensrÿche‘s album Empire released in 1991. A top ten charted song out of many top ten songs the band would have over its career of 15 albums, the song is attributed to singer Geoff Tate‘s longings for his then girlfriend now wife who was a flight attendant and was away a lot.

The band hails from Bellevue, Washington (ironically at this writing I currently sit only a few miles from that very town) a suburb of Seattle which has the nickname Jet City, a nod to the home of the Boeing company.

Sadly, Queensrÿche split with longtime lead singer Geoff Tate in 2012 citing creative differences while Tate maintained it was business differences that led to his dismissal from the group. In true rock star fashion, Tate had a few tantrums onstage towards the band members during three shows that year leading the band to the decision that they could no longer work or perform with Tate.

This did not deter Queensrÿche from continuing with a new singer and after a brief legal struggle with Tate over the rights to use the name, which they won, they did just that. I like some of the stuff that came out with the new singer Todd La Torre better than with Tate. But I just don’t know if they deserve a spot on regular rotation just yet. In the meantime, Jet City Woman will represent the band for me on my playlist.

~Lew Hastings

Every time I leave you say you won’t be there
And you’re always there
Every time I cry your name at night
You pull close and say it’s alright
I look in your eyes, just like the rain
Washing me, rain wash over me
Touching your face, I feel the heat of your heartbeat
Echo in my head like a scream
What you do to me!
Waited so long I can’t wait another day without you

Jet city woman
It’s a long way, home to my
Jet city woman
I see her face everywhere, can’t get her out of my mind

Whenever I’m alone I’m thinking
There’s a part missing from my life
Wonder where I’d be without your love
Holding me together now I’m
Watching the time tick, tick away
Face grows longer every day
Fortunes are lost on the women I’ve seen
But without you I can’t breathe, you’re the air to me!
Waited so long I can’t wait another day without you?

Jet city woman got to find my way home to her
Jet city woman I see her face everywhere I look!
Jet city woman just a thousand miles and I’ll be there
Jet city woman, to make the clouds go away
Time for some blue sky!

Waited so long now the plane’s delayed an hour
Reminds me of all our days apart 
Hold on, just a little longer

Jet city woman Wonder where I’d be, you’re the air to me
Jet city woman Eyes like the rain, rain down on me
Jet city woman No more nights alone
I’m almost home now Jet city woman
Close my eyes, I’m there in my jet city, jet city

Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC